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Sushi catering Ibiza

Do you wish you could cater Your event with something light, delicious, and unexpected?
Surprise your guests with sushi ! Not only is sushi elegant, but it is also healthier and much lighter food.
With its exquisite taste, healthy nature, and nutritional benefits, sushi catering is an original choice that is sure to impress your guests for your event!

Catering guided by Japanese spirit

We can design menus and catering, created using authentic, traditional Japanese culinary techniques and best quality ingredients! For small or large parties, special occasions, corporate events, business lunches and wedding celebrations.
There is so much to celebrate!

A new day, a birthday, an anniversary.. An engagement, a wedding, a new job, a new flat.. And sooo many more! That’s why no matter the occasion, neither the venue, let’s celebrate in style with high-quality, elegant food and drinks!

Sushi catering Ibiza is this what You are looking for!

With love and imagination let’s make this day Special!


table set up and decorated for sushi catering in Ibiza
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