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Sake Tasting & Pairing

sushi and sake

Sake Pairing

The main concept behind food & sake pairing is that certain elements (such as texture and flavor) in both food and sake interact with each other. Therefore finding the right combination of these elements will make the entire dinner even more enjoyable.

Always searching for the best combination, we are offering sake pairing with our qualified sommelier to complement our dining experience. 

Sake by bottle selection

Although, exploring the versatile world of sake is a lot of fun! You might want to stay with one particular type of sake, while enjoying Your meal. In this case, we got You covered! Moreover, we are sure You will find something interesting from our sake by bottle selection. 

Sake Tasting

While simply drinking sake may be really delightful, getting to know by learning more about sake makes the whole experience even more enjoyable!

The professional sake tasting, where You can try many different types of sakes might be a great opportunity to experience this amazing beverage, which sake truly is.

A perfect companion for food

Sake is a natural companion for Japanese foods, but is proving increasingly versatile with a wide range of cuisines.

In addition, it goes best with dishes that bring out the natural flavour of ingredients.

Sushi & sake relationship

Most people when think about a beverage, which pairs perfectly with sushi, will think-  SAKE.

And nothing wrong about that! Although chilled dry white wine will fit the bill as well, sushi & sake indeed create a very good relationship.

Therefore, why is it said sake is the drink to have when eating sushi?

Firstly, Sake has the effect of eliminating the fishy odor of fish.

This effect is called „supplementation”. In other words sake has the ability of supplement the defects of ingredients.

Moreover, it is said that food and drink with similar flavour goes pretty well together.

Both fish and sake are rich in umami ingredients and by combining these two umami, You get symbiotic effect. In conclusion- it just works together!





Let’s make this summer a Sake summer!







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