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Sushi Chef

How it all began

Piotr’s journey with sushi began from passion to the food and cooking.

A deep interest in combining ingredients, tasting incredible flavours and putting together impressive dishes made his decision to become a chef many years ago. When, becoming a sushi chef for the first time, he didn’t know that will fall in love with the Japanese cuisine. He didn’t expect that his passion about sushi will grow and grow, day after day.. That, finally he will feel an irresistible need to expand the knowledge and improve. Therefore he decided to go abroad to evolve his passion.

The Journey

Throughout his cereer, he was fortunate to work along with London best Japanese chefs. It gave him invaluable lessons and improved his knowledge and skills.

He experienced many genres of food service. Business dining at the restaurants and hotels, private dinners and catering for big events. Private chef Ibiza services joined this list.

All of this taught him how to work in a diverse environment. Moreover how to deliver exceptional service regardless of the circumstances. Following a phrase „Knowledge is power”, Peter never stops to learn. His knowledge is backed up with certificates as well as participation in international Japanese contests as Washoku World Challenge. 

founder of Tsuma Ibiza chef Piotr
founder of Tsuma Ibiza, sake sommelier Magdalena

Sake Sommelier Magdalena

How it all began

Volcano of energy, with a smile that never disappear, Magdalena has started to immerse in the world of hospitality many years ago. Although she has completed technical studies, she has chosen other path. Focusing her professional life on the pursuit of excellent service.

Working in diverse environment, with many types of food service. Functioning for private dinners, events, fine dining restaurants and boutique hotels, such Nobu or Christopher. All of that built an extensive experience in customer services.
Magdalena believes that it is essential for people working in the hospitality industry to intimately understand customer needs. To ensure the highest possible standards of neatness, providing professional and efficient level of service all times.

The Journey

Specializing in Food & Beverage, Magdalena discovered her passion for the 'Beverage side’ of this duo 😉 Very soon after, she passed her first WSET Level 2 in Wines & Spirits.
Not longer after that, she started to indulge in Sake world and.. felt in love!
Willingness to discover and learn more about this incredible beverage, prompted to undertake and pass WSET Level 1 in Sake. Soon after SPC Course, becoming Certified Sake Professional. Followed by Sake Sommelier Diploma awarded by Sake Sommelier Association!



„Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching.”

At Tsuma we believe that knowledge is power.

We constantly develop our skills.

It is not only because of our desire for self-improvement. We do it for our guests, so they know, they are in right hands to encounter best possible experience.

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